Whistle-blowers of today 

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Whistle-blowers are people who are telling important information about some confidential data and documents. They are doing that for all sorts of ethical and moral reasons. Some of them are also political dissidents and they are fighting against the system for a truth. These people can have various backgrounds but they are usually journalists because they are those who are publishing for news.

Sometimes these leaked stories can cause a real mess and scandals. There are numerous affairs which are made this way. One of the most popular affairs is Edward Snowden affair about mass surveillance. He exposed some of the confidential information and documents to news agencies. He was threatened with prison and he had to leave the United States. He is granted temporary asylum in Russia.

WikiLeaks is the most important site on the web where you can find out about all sorts of leaks. This is non-profit journalist organization and it has been founded by Australian journalist and programmer Julian Assange. Leaks on this site contain all sorts of information of mostly illegal acts committed by the United States military, but you can also find tips for investor fraud recovery. There are leaks of millions of confidential documents about the Afghan War then bombing of Baghdad and some secret files about detained prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prisoner camp. Assange was threatened with investigation and prosecution by the United States and then he asked for asylum in Embassies around the world. He was granted political asylum by Embassy of Ecuador in London.


There are many considerations when it comes to moral aspects of their statements. All of this leaking is based on some person attitude to his government and the specific problem. These people want a free and honest world to live in and not just hiding information from everybody. Snowden’s statements on global surveillance have opened lots of questions about the Unites States policies and function in the world. More people are aware every day that United States are trying to set up their own sphere of influence and to make themselves absolute power in the world and they are thing this through intelligence and amoral acts of murder and conviction of innocent people who just seek truth. Lives of many journalists are on the line because of their writings and their knowledge about real policies of the United States.

These things aren’t just presented in the US. There are many cases of whistle blowers all over the world. There are some really tyrannical reports when it comes to treating them in prisons and other facilities. One CIA whistle-blower described the methods of torturing prisoners with so called “waterboarding”. This is carefully devised system to torture the prisoner with the drowning methods and bringing him to collapse.

Whistle-blowers of today should be considered a real heroes and fighters for humanity and its primary ideals. They are Robin Hoods of the modern era. We should all be thankful for their work and their publishing of the information’s which would in all other cases remain hidden from us.

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